The App

Wirelessly sync your MilestonePod to the App after your workout.

See your basic performance data.
Includes distance, pace, steps, calories and time.

View gait and health metrics.
Includes foot strike, rate of impact, cadence, stride length and ground contact time.
Click to view the metrics we track.

Discover trends over time.
Enjoy plenty of graphs and a personalized run history log.



For a full list of devices that can be used with the MilestonePod App see supported devices.



This is your home base. The Dashboard displays the total mileage on your shoe, and the basic data from your most recent run. If you have multiple Pods attached to your App, swipe left or right from the Dashboard to switch between Pods.

Run Details

Click on a workout for the Run Details page. Here you can scroll through all 12 metrics the Pod tracks, plus basic stats: time and date, calories burned, distance, pace, duration, foot strike, cadence, ground contact, rate of impact, stride length, leg swing and Runficiency Score™.

Run Log

The Run Log is your personal workout history. Scroll through every run you ever did with your Pod! Runs are grouped and totaled by week. From here, click on a specific run to see its Run Details page or click on the icons below for detailed graphs over time. NEW: download your Run Log! Menu > Settings > Export Run Log to Excel.


Discover your gait and performance trends by viewing your data graphed and averaged for up to 30 runs. Includes: foot strike, rate of impact, leg swing, pace, cadence, Runficiency Score™, pace vs cadence, pace vs. stride length, pace vs stance time and pace vs Runficiency Score™.