Jackie’s Journey

Jackie Palmer Merritt, 29, of Atlanta, GA, is an kick-ass ultra-runner, Pod-lover and Milestone Sports athlete. Jackie is also a PhD, physical therapist and biomechanist – a perfect match for a running brand focused on gait and form.

Through the eyes of Jackie, we explore the “SO WHAT” behind the MilestonePod data. Come along as we follow Jackie’s training and racing journey….

BREAKING! Jackie finished 7th female at the 2017 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run with a time of 21:07:23. Read our blog about her astonishing Pod data! Also, here are Jackie’s post-race interviews: iRunFar video, Trail Runner Nation podcast, East Coast Trail & Ultra podcast, and MarathonRuns podcast. Jackie earned a Golden Ticket to Western States with a 2nd place finish at the Georgia Death Race (see video).

Next up:
8/15-20 TransRockies Run

Personal Records:
– Marathon (road) 3:07
– 50k (trail) 4:07
– 50 M (trail) 7:29
– 100k (trail) 12:03
– 100 M (trail) 19:04 

Jackie coming into Western State’s Robinson’s Flat, Mile 30.3. Image: Adam Moffat


Something of a Wildcard: The Story of Western States F7

by Jackie Merritt, Milestone Sports athlete PART I - PRE-RACE The Western States Endurance Run was not my first rodeo Still, there was something very different about the weeks, the days leading up to the race Different in a good way In most races that I can remember, I have been expected to win...



Learning to Fly: Decrease Ground Contact Time | Metric Series #3

by Milestone Sports athlete, Jackie Merritt “You went FLYING by me out of nowhere!” You know that person that just seems to fly by you at the end of a race They are probably flying in a more literal sense than you think! Running faster and more efficiently requires spending more time in the...



Georgia Death Race Report | Run Like Nobody is Watching

Ed note: This report originally appeared on nathansportscom by Milestone Sports athlete, Jackie Merritt April 1, 2017 | 72-ish miles Finish 14:24:30 | 2nd female | 11th OA | Golden Ticket Winner "It’s not about how hard you hit It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward"...



Guest Post: Hurry Up and Wait. Conversations of a Crew Husband

by Jeff Merritt, husband of Milestone Sports athlete, Jackie Merritt   The Setting:  Georgia Death Race Weekend, March 31st - April 2nd The Players: Jackie Merritt - The Talent Ultra Runner Extraordinaire MilestonePod Athlete Jeff Merritt - Crew Husband Craft Beer Connoisseur Runs...



Going into the Georgia Death Race: Brace Yourself

by Milestone Sports athlete, Jackie Merritt In the last couple of weeks approaching a big race, there always comes that moment when, in a flurry of panic, I question myself and my trainingAm I truly ready All I think about are those workouts that didn’t go so well, or all the other stuff I...



Hit the ground running – lightly! Metric Series #2.

By Milestone Sports athlete, Jackie Merritt From an injury risk perspective, rate of impact (ROI) is one of the most valuable metrics the Pod gives you as a runner It’s also the metric that keeps me honest as I continuously work to improve my running mechanics in training Maintaining a low ROI...



Spice it up! Implement variety to run faster and stay healthy

As runners, we have all experienced the high amounts of stress that distance running puts on our bodies In a single stride, your body sees impact forces of 50 to 80+ body weights per second - just check out your Pod’s rate of impact metric! Multiply that impact force by 10,000 steps for a typical...



Mountain Mist 50K Race Report | Taking on the Bama Hills

January 28, 2017 Finish 4:44 | 1st female | 6th OA   50Ks have never been my forte With 4-5 hours of hard fast intensity, it’s like the “5K” of ultramarathons To me, it feels like I am practically redlining my system from the starting line, a concept that has always seemed...



Low on Leg Swing? Kick Your Butt into Gear! | Metric Series #1

Leg swing is one of my favorite Pod metrics Perhaps this is because I am a physical therapist by training and/or because this was a key gait metric of interest in my lab throughout the course of my PhD work The Pod’s leg swing metric tells you how much your knee flexes during the swing phase of...



First Race Back! | 12.20.16

A couple of weeks ago the temperatures dropped, cuing me to start gearing up my mileage and quality workouts again for the spring racing season In the long-term scheme of things, I think it’s really beneficial to take a few weeks of downtime between hard races I ran over 1,300 miles in training...



Lift to Last: Strength Training to Prevent Running Related Injuries | 12.6.16

During my “down time” recovering from the Pinhoti 100 mile race and before I start my next training bout leading up to the Georgia Death race this spring, I decided to spend a few weeks focusing on the stuff that I couldn’t do so much of while running 100 miles per week - strength training...



Pinhoti 100 Race Report | 11.14.16

November 5-6, 2016 Finish 19:04 | 1st Female | 3rd OA | 20 min women's CR | 2:36 PR   Pinhoti has been my focus race of the year and I was excited to step out of my element and take another stab at the 100-mile distance I have run two 100’s before (Grindstone and Oil Creek) and...